Willowbrook Arts Camp encourages kids to be themselves and develop their creative human potential through hands-on experiences in arts and nature. We give kids the freedom to make choices in a unique, welcoming and nurturing environment dedicated to the imagination, where kids follow their inclinations, curiosity and discovery. Willowbrook is a child-centered summer camp where kids are active participants in their learning and development.

It gave [my child] happiness and confidence she'd lost by the end of the school year. For example, she is a beautiful writer, but after school got out, she refused to write at all - until Willowbrook, when she found the space to start writing poetry.  

- Willowbrook Parent

Our Approach

   We believe that our

child-centered approach builds:

  • Self-identity

  • Confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Independence

  • Creative expression

  • Friendships

  • Community

Is a child-centered camp environment right for my child?

Willowbrook is child-centered and an open-structured environment. While kids are grouped according to age ranges and related activities, our setting is more open and allows more free-choice in comparison to traditional classroom-like settings that are structured around daily routines and curricula. We find the children who thrive at Willowbrook are those who adjust easily to the freedom of self-direction in a free flowing environment.

Curious to learn more about Willowbrook's approach? Please contact us or visit our Families page.

Willowbrook is where the creative spirit of childhood finds its home.

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