Willowbrook Arts Camp encourages kids to be themselves and develop their creative human potential through hands-on experiences in arts and nature. We give kids the freedom to make choices in a unique, welcoming and nurturing environment dedicated to the imagination, where kids follow their inclinations, curiosity and discovery. Willowbrook is a child-centered summer camp where kids are active participants in their learning and development.

   We believe that our

child-centered approach builds:

  • Self-identity

  • Confidence

  • Self-esteem

  • Independence

  • Creative expression

  • Friendships

  • Community

Willowbrook will continue to be child-centered and an open-structured environment. However, we will be keeping campers in set groups throughout the week, so they will have to pick a primary art or nature focus. In this set group, campers will still be able to pick their activities and we will bring in materials from other creative areas to provide additional choice.


  While kids will be grouped according to related activities, our setting will continue to be open and allow more free-choice in comparison to traditional classroom-like settings that are structured around daily routines and curricula. We will offer self-directed activities in the safety of a single pod while enjoying being outside.

Will camp still be child centered during COVID 19?

Curious to learn more about Willowbrook's approach? Please contact us or visit our Families page.

It gave [my child] happiness and confidence she'd lost by the end of the school year. For example, she is a beautiful writer, but after school got out, she refused to write at all - until Willowbrook, when she found the space to start writing poetry.  

- Willowbrook Parent


Our Approach

Willowbrook is where the creative spirit of childhood finds its home.