The Village

K - 2nd grade

A mini version of our Artisan area, The Village is a magical place, filled with age appropriate arts and nature activities - from dance and drama, to art, nature, music, pottery, puppetry, storytelling and more! Kids are encouraged to embrace their curiosity, explore new and fun interests, and discover their creative potential. Each child is assigned a ‘home tent’ and given ample free-choice time, as well as opportunities to participate in Willowbrook’s performances.

Village Art inspires a love of art in our campers as they explore a wide range of artistic materials and express their creativity. Activities rotate daily, but frequent activities include painting and drawing from life, creating self-portraits, sculpting, and a variety of mixed-media craft projects.
Villagers explore clay and learn the basics of handbuilding and wheel-throwing in our Ceramics tent. Projects rotate daily but free-sculpting is always an option for those who want to let their imaginations run wild!
The Village Dance tent invites our campers to get up and move! Campers can choreograph their own dances, play movement games, and learn dance moves from a variety of cultures and styles, including tap and ballet. Campers interested in tap dancing should pack a pair of socks to reduce the risk of blisters.
In the Village Drama tent, imaginations run wild! Campers learn to communicate and cooperate as they play drama games, create storylines, act out scenes, and dress up in costumes. Village campers also have the opportunity to sign up and rehearse to be in our weekly all-camp performances - if your Villager is interested in being in a Willowbrook play, please click the link below for more information.
Budding musicians will love the opportunities to explore a range of instruments in our Village Music tent! Guitars, drums, recorders, maracas, ukuleles, and more are available to campers to play and experiment. Musical parades, group music games, jam sessions, and instrument lessons are all part of the fun.
The offerings in the Village Nature tent are designed to teach our campers about the natural world around them and inspire a sense of environmental responsibility in the next generation. Activities include nature walks, science experiments, nature-based crafts, and occasional gardening!
Each day, Villagers may sign up for individual piano lessons with our dedicated Village Piano Specialist, who will teach keyboard skills and inspire a love of music. No previous piano experience is necessary - all campers are welcome to play!
In the Puppetry tent, Villagers can use a wide range of materials to create magical, movable puppets and put on their very own shows. Sock puppets, paper bag puppets, cuppets, and more… the possibilities (and googly eyes) are endless!
Villagers learn to use their imaginations as our inspirational storytellers tell exciting tales and lead group read-alouds, story writing and book making activities. Because of it’s quiet and cozy atmosphere, the Storytelling tent is a favorite place for Village campers to take a break from the day and decompress with a good book.
The Weaving tent introduces Villagers to basics of weaving with yarn and other textiles. Favorite activities include finger weaving, making friendship bracelets, and weaving on handheld looms.
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The Weaving tent introduces Villagers to basics of weaving with yarn and other textiles. Favorite activities include finger weaving, making friendship bracelets, and weaving on handheld looms.