3rd - 12th grade

Picture the most imaginative and energetic arts festival… just for kids! Many of our campers can’t wait to become an Artisan, where their choices become even broader and more dynamic. The very open-structured environment of the Artisan area allows kids to take their self-discovery, interests, and skills to new levels. With more than 20 different artistic areas to explore, Artisan kids move freely throughout their day pursuing what interests them most, including opportunities to participate in Willowbrook’s performances.

In the Basketry tent, campers learn to weave natural reed into beautiful, functional baskets of all shapes and sizes. Projects are self-guided with staff support. Campers can dedicate as much or as little time as they please to their baskets.
In our Ceramics tent, campers use their imaginations and hands to explore clay and learn the art of handbuilt and wheel-thrown ceramics. They can even glaze their clay creations and have them fired in our camp kiln.
Advanced Ceramics
We have several pottery wheels dedicated to our 6th-12th grade campers. This space allows older campers to take their creativity to the next level, work on larger-scale pieces, and expand their technical skills with the support of ceramics staff.
Creative Writing & Bookmaking
In this tent, campers create their own books, stories, and graphic novels. They can even type them up on one of our many vintage typewriters! The Creative Writing tent also publishes the Babbling Brook, a zine written and created by WB campers.
In the dance tent, campers can choreograph their own dances, play movement games, and learn dances from a variety of styles and cultures, including tap, swing, ballet, jazz, salsa, and more! The Dance tent also works on choreographing and rehearsing our annual dance show, which takes place during Week 4.
All the world’s a stage in our Drama tent! Campers can audition for any of our summer performances, rehearse their lines with others, learn acting techniques in drama workshops, and play fun group drama games. If your Artisan camper would like to participate in a Willowbrook play, please click the link below for more information.
NOTE: Campers must be enrolled for at least two weeks to have a speaking or other major role.
Lights, camera, action! In our Filmmaking tent, Artisan campers have the opportunity to write storyboards and scripts, create scenes, and capture their creativity on camera. Our talented Film staff can assist campers in editing and finalizing their movie masterpieces.
Fine Arts
Our Fine Arts tent offers a rich variety of media and project offerings each week, which gives campers the opportunity to develop their creative skills, use their imaginations, and explore a range of materials. Favorite activities include tile mosaics, painting, jewelry making, and shrinky dinks.
Folk Dance
Lead by our experienced Dance Specialist, campers of all ages learn traditional folk dances from around the world. These activities build community, inspire a love of dance, and expose campers to the beauty of different cultures.
If you can imagine it, you can create it in the Invention tent! Our staff provides the support, tools, and materials that campers need to turn their imaginative inventions into reality. Using a variety of recycled materials and deconstructed objects, they solve problems and make fantastic inventions.
Japanese Arts
In this tent, campers are exposed to the styles and techniques of Japanese Art forms such as origami, Sumi-e painting, Japanese calligraphy, manga drawing, and more!
Our Music Specialists share the joy of music as they teach campers to play a variety of different instruments - guitar, ukulele, drums, trombones, and more. Campers can take individual lessons to learn songs and skills, play in a camp band, or just experiment and explore.
Native American Arts
In this tent, campers learn the basics of traditional Native American beadwork and authentic cultural crafts. Project offerings include flat beading, jewelry making, and dream catchers.
Campers learn about the natural world around them and discover a sense of environmental stewardship in our Nature tent. They enjoy interactive lessons, nature-based crafts, games, and guided walks along the Tualatin River. This tent features many preserved animal and plant specimens, and is often visited by a live animal or two!
Say cheese! The Photography tent allows campers to explore digital and film photography. Campers edit and print digital photos with help from our staff and develop film photos in our darkroom. Activities include photo scavenger hunts and craft projects like cyanotypes, photo collages and magnets.
Campers may sign up for individual piano and voice lessons from talented Specialists. They can explore piano playing, learn keyboard skills, make up or practice songs of their choosing, and even take part in the Willowbrook choir.
In our Printmaking tent, campers create paper crafts and art prints using foam, linoleum, and carving techniques. Favorite activities include creating custom stamps, making greeting cards, paper collages, and practicing calligraphy.
In the Puppetry tent, campers use a wide range of materials to create magical, movable puppets and put on their very own shows. Sock puppets, paper bag puppets, marionettes, and more… the possibilities are endless!
A lot of work goes into creating the sets and scenes for a Willowbrook play - and that’s where Stagecraft comes in! Campers have the opportunity to help Stagecraft staff paint backdrops, select props, and create stage scenes for our performances.
Stained Glass
Campers in grades 6-12 have the unique opportunity to learn how to create masterpieces in stained and fused glass. Guided by our skilled staff, campers learn how to safely operate glass tools and create beautiful objects like sun catchers, jewelry, mosaics, and more!
Our Strings staff inspires a love of music and exposes campers of all ages to the world of stringed instruments. Campers can take individual lessons to learn the basics of violin, viola, and cello, practice songs of their choosing, and play in ensembles.
Our Artisan Weaving tent introduces campers to the techniques of knitting and weaving with yarn and other textiles. Favorite activities include friendship bracelets, loom weaving, embroidery, felting, and more!
World Art
Take a trip around the world without ever leaving Brown’s Ferry Park! Our World Art tent exposes campers to the artistic forms and techniques of cultures from all around the globe. Favorite projects include mask-making, sewing dolls, henna, and flower crowns.
Artisan campers have the opportunity to sign up for individual piano and voice lessons from talented Specialists. In this tent, campers can explore and experiment with piano playing, learn keyboard skills, make up or practice a song of their choosing, and even take part in the Willowbrook choir.
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Take Your Creativity to the Next Level!

6th - 12th grade

Eager to hone your artistic skills and attain more expertise from an Artisan Specialist? Then our Advanced Artisan opportunities are for you!  Our Specialists will work with you to help envision projects and experiences that will take your creativity to the next level. Advanced Artisan areas and activities typically require a knowledge of safe practices and higher level of skill.  Area Specialists may ask campers to demonstrate their knowledge and skills to ensure their safety and well-being.

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A lot of work goes into creating the sets and scenes for a Willowbrook play - and that’s where Stagecraft comes in! Campers have the opportunity to help Stagecraft staff paint backdrops, select props, and create stage scenes for our performances.