Our Summer Staff

Our summer staff will include about 80 people in 2021. This is an amazing group of highly dedicated people who like to bring their art, teaching , critical thinking, joy and passion to this six week job.  They are here because they care deeply about children’s ability to develop a sense of self and community through the exploration of art and nature.  They hope to give each camper the opportunity to explore art as a form of self expression and introspection while building the memories of a lifetime.  This dedicated team includes Specialists, College Assistants, High School Apprentices and Support staff such as Security, Nurses, Facilities, and Registration.

Believe it or not, Willowbrook keeps us busy year-round as we handle the behind and on-the-scenes details of our programs.  When we’re not at camp, you will find us planning for next year, participating in community events, and collaborating with schools and the local community to envision more year-round art opportunities.

Our Year-Round Staff

Tafflyn Williams-Thomas

Laurie Paul

Hannah Moran

Interim Executive Director

Wise Advisor

Village Manager

Hera Syed

Business Coordinator

Bella Miller

Communications/ Program Assistant

Shawna Hartung

Program Director