Our Summer Staff

Our summer staff is composed of nearly 200 creative and passionate people who dedicate six weeks each summer to teach the next generation of thinkers, innovators, and caretakers of the planet and humankind! This dedicated team (our Willowbrook Family!) includes our year-round Administrative Staff, Specialists, College Assistants, High School Apprentices and Support staff such as Security, Nurses, Facilities, and Registration.

  • Specialists lead camp areas and range from school and community educators to working artists with teaching background. Many of our Specialists have been at Willowbrook for more than 5 years, and some have been with us over 20 years! 

  • College Assistants are student teachers who provide support in all areas. Many attended Willowbrook as campers and previously worked as high school assistants. They have shown proficiency in their arts and experience working with children.

  • High School Apprentices spend half of their day as campers and half as apprentices in various areas. Most have been campers at Willowbrook for at least 2 years and are models and mentors for younger children as well as important staff support.

Believe it or not, Willowbrook keeps us busy year-round as we handle the behind and on-the-scenes details of our programs.  When we’re not at camp, you will find us planning for next year, participating in community events, and collaborating with schools and the local community to envision more year-round art opportunities.

Our Year-Round Staff

Executive Director

Program Director

Business Coordinator

Program Assistant

Program Assistant

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