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40th Anniversary Videos

Interviews with Willowbrook founder, Althea Pratt-Broome

The Story of Willowbrook (2006)

A video interview with Althea in 2006 by staff and campers in the Film Tent.


Althea Pratt-Broom at 100 (2009)

Althea turned 100 in April, 2022.  As a tribute to her, the Tualatin Historical Society re-posted a video interview of Althea from 2009 by former Board Member and Tualatin historian Larry McClure, as well as a wonderful article from 2016.



Willowbrook Musicals

The Epic Willowbrook Musical (2009)

In 2009, the Film Tent produced its most ambitious project yet- The Epic Willowbrook Musical. It took three weeks and hundreds of kids to finish this project. All the songs were written and composed by campers and staff, and we think it turned out pretty awesome.


The Epicer Willowbrook Musical (2010)

After the success of 2009's Epic Willowbrook Musical, the Film Tent didn't waste any time putting campers and staff to work writing, composing, recording, choreographing and performing the sequel. It took about four weeks to finish, and we think the Epicer Willowbrook Musical has even more memorable songs, more impressive costumes, and more baby possums.


A Little Different (2015)

Written and directed by Zoë Sherman and Simon Farrell, this 2015 musical film from the Film Tent stars many Willowbrook campers.



Interviews with campers and staff

Willowbrook Hot Spots (2006)

What were the best places to spend time at Willowbrook in 2006?


Willowbrook in the Words of Campers (2010)

A series of interviews of campers as they talk about life at Willowbrook.



Favorites from the Film Tent

Our Babbling Brook (2006)

What goes into making an edition of the Babbling Brook, Willowbrook's newspaper?


A Nature Walk (2006)

Join a nature walk, already in progress!


The Case of the Missing Sock (2006)

Join Detective Box for his toughest case yet!


Alligator Sally (2011)

Written and Performed by Willowbrook Arts Camp staff and campers

Featuring the Music tent


Willowbrook Film Vimeo (2011-2017)

The former repository of most films made in the Film Tent.


Willowbrook Highlight Reel (2018-2019)

A brief look into another memorable summer at Willowbrook.

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