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Getting to Camp

Planning to come to camp this year? Here are some quick tips to help make Drop-off and Pick-up easier for you and your camper(s). Please be sure to check out our maps,  directions, and detailed instructions below.

These maps include the driving route to Willowbrook (approved by our partners at the City of Tualatin) and a map of the parking lot at Brown's Ferry Park. Your efforts to carefully follow the route to the park are much appreciated and will help to reduce congestion on SW Nyberg Lane.

Approved route to Willowbrook Arts Camp

Please note that your child must be pre-registered to attend. Registration approvals cannot be processed during this time.

Drop-off for Campers Ages 3-4 (Squirrels Nest):

Parents of 3 and 4 year old campers MUST park in the lot and walk their child(ren) into camp. Squirrels have their own sign-in/-out table. After checking in, parents will walk their Squirrels back to the Squirrels’ Nest. Parents: bring your photo IDs. 

If Squirrels have older siblings, all campers in their family/group can check in/out at the Squirrels’ sign-in/-out table.


Drop-off for All Other Campers (Village & Artisan):

Parents of campers in second grade and up (Villagers & Artisans) are highly encouraged to utilize our curbside drop-off system. Parents may also choose to park and walk their child into camp if necessary. Both drop-off options are explained below:

Willowbrook Drop-Off Tutorial
  • Curbside Drop Off: The outer lane of the parking lot is for curbside drop-off. Cars will be directed to the curb, where our staff will assist in helping campers out of their cars and guiding them into camp. Camper(s) should be ready to exit the car by the time they pull up to the curb. The goal of the curbside drop-off lane is to keep traffic steadily flowing!

  • Parking: The inner lane of the parking lot is for those who wish to park and walk their camper(s) in. Once you get to the top of the lot (closest to camp), one of our lot attendants will direct you to the next available parking spot. Because our parking lot is small and spaces are limited, there may be a wait for spots to become available. Please keep this in mind if you choose to park. Please also understand that we are required by the City of Tualatin to reserve a certain number of spots for the general public and therefore cannot use them for Willowbrook.  

Willowbrook Pick-Up Tutorial

Afternoon Pick-up for Squirrels’ Nest Campers:

Pick up for Squirrels Nest begins at 2:45 pm. (3-year-old campers must be picked up at 12:00 pm - see half-day pick-up section below). Squirrel parents MUST park in the lot and walk in to check-out their camper(s). Same as with morning drop-off, parents will walk back to the Squirrels’ Nest to pick-up their Squirrels. Please bring photo ID to check in as a Visitor at the Squirrel’s sign-in/-out table.

Afternoon Pick-up for Village Campers

Pick-up for our Village campers begins at 2:45 pm. Parents will park in the lot to park and come into camp to pick up their camper(s), as curbside pick-up is not available until 3:15 pm. Please note that parking spots are limited, so there may be a wait. No Pick-up Slip needed for walk-in pick ups, but be sure to remember your PIN. If wanting to pick-up before 2:45 pm, bring a photo ID and sign  in as a Visitor. Village parents can opt to do curbside pick-up after 3:15pm, but please note that this may result in a longer wait time (as Artisan parents will be waiting as well).

Afternoon Pick-up for Artisan Campers:

Pick-up for Artisans begins at 3:15 pm. If any of the campers in your carpool are in the Artisan group, plan to arrive for pick-up at 3:15 pm (not at 2:45pm when our Villagers are being picked up). Parents of any age group coming to pick-up their camper(s) after 3:15 pm may choose to do curbside pick-up or park and walk in to camp. If you enter the parking lot before 3:15 pm for an Artisan-only pick-up, you will be asked to re-enter the line.


When you arrive, please line up along SW Nyberg Lane and a member of our Willowbrook parking staff will come to assist you. Both pick-up options are explained below: 

When you arrive, please line up along SW Nyberg Lane and a member of our Willowbrook parking staff will come to assist you. Both pick-up options are explained below:

  • Curbside Pick-Up: Curbside pick-up allows parents to stay in their cars while Willowbrook staff validate their PINs and pick-up slips. Once to the curb within the parking lot, camper(s) will be accompanied to their cars by a WB staffer. Pick-up slips are required for curbside pick-up (this is how our staff checks out your campers!), so please come prepared. While the line may be long, the goal of the curbside pick-up lane is to keep traffic steadily flowing and decrease wait times as much as possible.

  • Parking in the lot: The inner lane of the parking lot is for those who wish to park and walk in to check out their camper(s) for the day – no Pick-up Slip needed but be sure to remember your PIN. Once you get to the top of the lot (closest to camp), one of our lot attendants will direct you to the next available parking spot (there are spots reserved that are not for Willowbrook use – please be aware and attentive for parking staff instruction). Because parking spaces are limited, there may be a wait for spots to become available. Please keep this in mind if you choose to park.

For all campers, morning half-day pick up & afternoon half-day drop off begins at 12 pm. During midday, parents must park their cars and walk in to camp to check their campers in or out. If picking up an afternoon half-day camper outside of the designated pick-up times (i.e. 2:45 or 3:15 pm), make sure your camper(s) know when you will be arriving, or bring a photo ID so we can sign you in as a Visitor (required, as you will enter camp to locate your camper(s)).

Willowbrook assigns each parent, guardian, and authorized pick-up person an individual PIN, which is required to pick up your camper(s). The PIN is unique to the camper family and the PIN holder, so please do not share PINs with other individuals.

Upon camp registration approval, you will receive an email with your assigned unique PIN and pick-up slips (only necessary for curbside pick-up). You will need to write your child’s name, your name, your PIN, and the date on each of the slips.


  • In order to pick up your child(ren), you must have your valid PIN - no pick-up slip necessary if walking in to camp.

  • If there are multiple campers within the same family, only one PIN is required.

  • If you are carpooling with another family, please make sure you've been added to the “authorized pick-up” list for all the camper families in your carpool. You will receive a PIN designated for each camper family unique to you.

  • If you have lost your PIN, you can find it on the Authorized Pick-up tab on your Parent Dashboard. 

Parking for evening events at Willowbrook is held off-site at Rolling Hills Community Church (3550 SW Borland Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062). We offer a complimentary round-trip shuttle to and from the church. Be sure to look for our shuttle vans in the lot.

  • Please drop off your passengers at camp, then park your vehicle at Rolling Hills Church. From here, you can take the shuttle back down to Brown’s Ferry Park.

  • Shuttling begins at approximately 5:50 pm and will be available during and after the performance until the last guest has left Allow an extra 15 minutes for this process. Note: no parking is allowed in the bike lane or curb along SW Nyberg Ln., in the neighborhood, at the tennis complex, or at Stonesthrow Apartments.


Please share this information with any friends and family members who may be attending the performance.

Thank you for your understanding and flexibility!​

Questions or Concerns?

We understand that traffic and parking can be a challenge due to the nature of our camp location. Willowbrook works diligently with the City of Tualatin each year to confirm the best route to camp, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve the process(es) based on parent and staff feedback from our annual surveys.  

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at campinfo@willowbrookartscamp.org or 503-691-6132.

Morning Drop-Off

(full day and AM half-day campers)

Afternoon Pick-Up

(full day and PM half-day campers)

Half-Day Pick-Up & Drop-Off

  • Carpooling is highly recommended! Check out our family carpool Facebook group for parents to connect and coordinate transportation throughout the summer. Note: Your family must be registered in order to join this group.

  • Mondays are our busiest day! Traffic may take longer than usual - please plan accordingly.

  • Left turns into the parking lot are not permitted, and you will be directed by parking staff to loop around the neighborhood. You should always approach Brown’s Ferry Park by traveling west on SW Nyberg Lane, so that camp will be on your right hand side. 

  • If only picking up Village/Squirrel’s Nest campers, come right at 2:45 pm to avoid the Artisan pick-up rush.

  • Bring photo ID when coming to pick-up early - you will sign in as a Visitor.

  • If any campers in your carpool are in the Artisan group, please plan to arrive for pick-up at 3:15 pm (not at 2:45pm). This will avoid unnecessary wait time for parents, as Artisans do not get out until the later time. 

  • Parking in areas other than Brown’s Ferry Park (including Stonesthrow Apartments, Stafford Hills Club, and the surrounding neighborhood) may result in fines and/or tickets. Willowbrook wants to keep our neighbors happy, so please do your part by parking only in designated spots. 

  • Have your PIN number ready (or bring your phone - we can text it to you!) when picking up your camper. No pick-up slip needed for walk-in pick-up.

  • If you are doing curbside pick-up, have a pick-up slip handy with your correct PIN. 

Quick Tips

Quick Tips


Parking for Performances

PINs & Pick-up Slips