Getting to Camp

Planning to come to camp this year? Here are some quick tips to help make Drop-off and Pick-up easier for you and your camper(s). Please be sure to check out our maps,  directions, and detailed instructions below.

These maps include the driving route to Willowbrook (approved by our partners at the City of Tualatin) and a map of the parking lot at Brown's Ferry Park. Your efforts to carefully follow the route to the park are much appreciated and will help to reduce congestion on SW Nyberg Lane.

Approved route to Willowbrook Arts Camp
  • All drop off and pick up times will be staggered in 15 minute increments to assure that each squad can be met by their specialist or area lead for morning COVID-19 mitigation checks.

  • At morning drop-off, you will need a completed drop-off slip form for your campers, every day. To expedite the process, please bring these forms already completed if possible; we will have extra copies available at drop-off if needed. 

  • At afternoon pick-up, you will need a pick-up slip with your personal PIN to sign your camper(s) out. Your PIN number can be found in your parent dashboard by clicking ‘My Account’. If you are looking for your authorized pickup PIN numbers, you can find them by clicking ‘Authorized Pickups’

  • Area leads will be waiting for their squad at the designated drop off time and they will have a clearly marked flag or sign to help you find them.

  • Left turns into the parking lot are not permitted, and you will be directed by parking staff to loop around the neighborhood. You should always approach Brown’s Ferry Park by traveling west on SW Nyberg Lane, so that camp will be on your right hand side. 

  • Parents are not allowed in camp at drop off or pick up.  If your camper needs to arrive late or leave early due to an appointment then please let us know and we will work with you .

  • Parking in areas other than Brown’s Ferry Park (including Stonesthrow Apartments, Stafford Hills Club, and the surrounding neighborhood) may result in fines and/or tickets. Willowbrook wants to keep our neighbors happy, so please do your part by parking only in designated spots. 

  • Have your PIN number ready (or bring your phone - we can text it to you!) when picking up your camper.

Quick Tips

Quick Tips

Morning Drop-off

Drop off times will be staggered to assure that campers are able to safely join their stable group. Before camp starts, we will notify you of your drop of time and the designated area for you to park. 

When you park, the Specialist or Area Lead who works with your camper will come up to the car to ask for your daily COVID- 19 health check and check your child’s temperature. Once it is determined that your child(ren) are healthy, they can exit the vehicle.


Drop off times are in 15 minute increments and we will take into account that some families have more than one camper. Drop off will take place between 7:30am and 8:30am at specific times that will be assigned weekly. We will tell you which time slot you are assigned before camp starts each week. 

Afternoon Pick-Up

Pick up will be staggered at 15-minute increments.  At your assigned time, your child will be ready and waiting for you with their area staff person. You will need to provide your personal PIN to the area lead who will check your child out to you. 

You will be assigned your pick-up time before the camp week starts and will be between 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM