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Getting to Camp

Approved Route

This map shows the route that the city of Tualatin requires all Willowbrook families approaching the camp from the West (1-5 or Tualatin-Sherwood rd) to use. This route has been created to minimize congestion and to respect the communities that live near Brown’s Ferry Park.  Please be sure to use this route and observe all the Willowbrook-created traffic signs near the park. Our use of the park depends on following these rules.

Approved route to Willowbrook Arts Camp
Willowbrook Arts Camp Drop-Off, Pick-Up, and Parking

Pick-up & Drop-off Rules: 

All drop-off and pick-up times will be staggered in 15-minute increments to reduce congestion and wait times.

• At morning drop-off, you will need a completed drop-off slip form for your campers, every day. To expedite the process, please bring these forms already completed if possible; we will have extra copies available at drop-off if needed. 

• At afternoon pick-up, you will need a pick-up slip with your personal PIN to sign your camper(s) out. Your PIN number can be found in your parent dashboard by clicking ‘My Account. If you are looking for your authorized pickup PIN numbers, you can find them by clicking ‘Authorized Pickups’

Left turns into the parking lot are not permitted, and you will be directed by parking staff to loop around the neighborhood. You should always approach Brown’s Ferry Park by traveling west on SW Nyberg Lane so that camp will be on your right-hand side. 

• There is no parking in the lot at drop off or pick up (except for parents of our Squirrel’s Nest campers).  If your camper needs to arrive after all drop-off times or leave before all pick-up times then you can park in the lot if there are spaces available. 

• Parking in areas other than Brown’s Ferry Park (including Stonesthrow Apartments, Stafford Hills Club, and the surrounding neighborhood) may result in fines and/or tickets. Willowbrook wants to keep our neighbors happy, so please do your part by parking only in designated spots. 

• Have your PIN number ready (or bring your phone - we can text it to you!) when picking up your camper.

  • Drop-off times will be staggered to reduce congestion and wait times. Before camp starts, we will notify you of your drop of time which will be assigned by last name and used for all six weeks of camp.

  • When you stop to drop off or pick up, we need you to stay in your driver’s seat at the wheel.  We have staff who will assure that all campers in your vehicle are assisted into or out of the car and are safe.

  • Drop-off times are in 15-minute increments and we will take into account that some families have more than one camper. Drop off will take place between 7:30am and 8:30am at specific times.

Drop Off Village and Artisans

(by last name)


 7:30 am  A-E

 7:45 am  F- J

8:00 am  K- N

8:15 am  O -R

8:30 am   S-Z

Morning Drop-off

Pick up will be staggered at 15-minute increments.  At your assigned time, your child will be ready and waiting for you (if you come early then we will need to find your child in camp and this will increase your waiting time and cause congestion). You will need to provide your personal PIN to the staff who will check your child out to you. 


You will be assigned your pick-up time before the camp starts and will be between 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Pick Up Village and Artisans

(by last name)

2:30 pm A-E

2:45 pm F-J

3:00 pm K-N

3:15 pm O-R

3:30 pm S-Z

Afternoon Pick-Up

Squirrel's Nest Drop Off and Pick Up

All Squirrel's nest campers will arrive at 8:00 am and families will need to park and walk their campers to the Squirrel’s Nest inside the camp. 


8:00 - Drop off time for all Squirrel’s Nest campers

11:30 Half Day Pick Up  

2:00 pm Full Day Pick Up

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