There's no better time to invest in our future and change a child's life. 

At Willowbrook Arts Camp, we believe that children are the future of humanity and that we can inspire children, teachers, parents and community leaders to become visionaries and pioneers of a better world. Join us on this remarkable journey as we create an accepting, explorative and creative haven where every child feels safe to be themselves, a place where they're reminded that they matter. 

It's time to ACT BOLDLY to ensure a brighter, more sustainable future for our children.

Your investment will have a tremendous impact on a child's development

by empowering them with the opportunities needed to gain

creative agency and personal autonomy to chart their path to success. 

Willowbrook Arts Camp (legally known as 'Willowbrook Center for the Development of the Human Potential') is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Our Federal Tax Identification Number is 93-0722365.

When you donate to Willowbrook, you can receive a tax break by matching your donation.

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