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Summer Performances


Our theater program has won awards and influenced careers in acting, directing and voice. Most importantly it is a great opportunity for campers to try new roles, learn some lines and tell a story with their castmates. Drama brings our camp community together and creates memories for everyone involved.   


Artisan campers who wish to be in the performances must be signed up for the two weeks prior to the play.

Performing Arts.png

Performance Schedule 


Adapted by Lindsay Price

From Winnie-The-Pooh by A.A. Milne

Week 2 - July 6 & 7


Adapted by Eli Thacker Taylor

Week 4 - July 20 & 21

High School Musical Jr

Week 6  - Aug 3 & 4

Dance show

Week 3 - July 13 & 14

Theme TBD 


Treasure Island 

Adapted by Eli Thacker Taylor

Week 5 - Jul 27 & 28







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