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Artisan (8-18)

Picture an opportunity to be immersed in a beautiful park with a community made up of tents full of other kids, where everyone is excited to try creating something new and learn about themselves in the process.  Whether a camper is brand new to Willowbrook or has been there for years, the opportunity to be an artisan is an experience that helps campers find a sense of self and discovery that offers the chance to meet new people everyday, creating a camper driven world of interconnected creativity that inspires artistic exploration.

3-15 year olds can enroll as campers

16-18 year olds can enroll and apply for our High School Apprentice(HSA) program where they work part of the day and build skills in arts, leadership, education, critical thinking, collaboration and more during the other half of the day.  14-15 year olds are also eligible for the HSA program.

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