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  • How many campers attend per day?
    Our camp takes place in a park that is approximately 4 acres (174,240 Sq Ft.) so we have space for kids to safely spread out. We will have 25 or less campers per each arts area. The Squirrel’s Nest - We will allow up to 35 campers, 3-4 years old in our designated space for them. Village Area - 5-8 year olds can spread out in our 10 unique tents with different art and nature experiences available in each of them. We allow up to 200 campers to share this space so there are about 20 campers in each tent at any time. Artisan Area - Over 20 different arts and nature areas are interspersed through the largest fenced area of the park. We allow up to 300 campers to enroll in this area so we will rarely have more than 15 campers in any tent.
  • What are your camp hours?
    We have drop off from 7:30 - 8:30 am and pick up from 2:30 - 3:30 PM for all campers between 5-18 years old. The Squirrel's Nest hours are: 8:00 arrival 11:30 departure for half-day Squirrels (All 3-year-olds and 4 full-day campers enrolled in half-day.) 11:30 - 12:00 Lunch for full-day campers 2:00 pm departure for full-day Squirrels
  • What are your cancellation policies?
    If something happens so that you need to cancel your child's camp dates then we use the following refund policy; One month or more before your child is scheduled to attend we will provide a 100% refund minus the family registration fee and park fee ($35). Less than a month - 2 weeks before your child is scheduled to attend we will provide a 50% refund. Less than two weeks before your child is scheduled to attend we provide no refunds. If we cancel camp for a full week or have to close for the summer we will provide a full tuition refund. We are sorry but we cannot provide refunds for single-day absence or closure. In the unfortunate event of a single-day closure we can provide a receipt for the donation of the funds. If we have a closure for a single day we can also offer an option of a credit for summer 2024. If a family wants to reschedule a week prior to the scheduled dates of attendance they can reschedule to any weeks that have opening spaces for a $25 fee to cover the costs of staff time.
  • What are your staff to camper ratios ?
    Our ratios are between 6:1 and 4:1 depending on camper and staff attendance in each area. We aim to have a 4:1 ratio in the Squirrel’s nest.
  • What kind of background and experience do your staff have?
    Our Specialists have degrees and experience as art educators, in specific art disciplines and in education. We have specialists who have worked for Willowbrook for over 10 years and, each year, we have some new Specialists. Our Area Leads are currently in college or working in the discipline they teach. They also have previous teaching, camp staff or childcare experience. Many Area Leads have worked at Willowbrook before. Assistants, Senior High School Apprentices and High School Apprentices have education or experience in the discipline they are helping to lead. Many of them have attended Willowbrook or studied art in school. Most have some camp counselor or childcare experience. If you or someone you know wants to work for Willowbrook they can apply here.
  • Why are there still so many policies for COVID 19?
    We are continuing to follow required COVID 19 mitigation steps. It is possible that these may change before camp and may change our process at that time. COVID 19 is scheduled to end as a national emergency on May 11, 2023. If new guidelines are made at that time or anytime before camp we will modify our policies for in camp. Current policy recommends; All staff and campers: Are up to date with the current COVID 19 vaccine and boosters. Stay home and away from the rest of your household if you’re feeling sick. Test if you feel sick and follow the Washington County Isolation and Quarantine guidelines if you test positive. Notify Willowbrook if your child tests positive for COVID 19
  • What is the cost of camp?
    The details on the rates can be found on the rates and dates portion of our website.
  • What time is drop off and pick up?
    Drop off and pick up are assigned in 15 minute increments. Drop off is between 7:30am-8:30am and pick up is between 2:30pm - 3:30pm. The specific times are determined by last name. You can find additional details here
  • How do I register and pay for camp?
    You must register for camp online and pay by credit card. You will be able to enroll your camper(s), assign authorized pick-ups, pay online, and more. If you need to make arrangements to pay another way or need assistance, please contact James Bradley.
  • Do you offer discounts or financial assistance?
    We offer several camp tuition discounts: All 6-weeks of Camp are automatically 10% off Tualatin Resident Discount - 5% off of all tuition for Tualatin residents Willowbrook’s philosophy is to offer affordable, competitive rates while providing financial assistance for those in need so every child has an opportunity to experience camp. In addition to discounts noted above, we also offer financial assistance for families in need - available upon request. Subsidized Rates For families who need a little help and can pay 88% of the standard tuition rate. Financial Aid - Applications open March 5th For families whose children are enrolled in a free or reduced lunch program, or another financial assistance program. Our financial aid fund is limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis, regardless of race, religion, national origin, gender, or status. If approved, we offer one full week of camp (full days) for your camper - you will only need to pay the $30 annual fee per family.
  • What should my child do if they want to be in a performance?
    Artisan campers (ages 8-18) have to be registered for two week to be in a performance. They need to attend the week before the performance is scheduled and the week of the performance. The first week they attend they will need to check in with the Artisan drama tent for audition times. Once they have been cast they will need to attend all rehearsals. Squirrel’s Nest (3-4 year olds ) and Village campers (5-7 year olds) only need to attend for the week of the performance. Village campers will need to go to the Village drama tent at the beginning of the week and let the staff know they want to be in the play.
  • Does camp ever fill up?
    In 2021 and 2022, all of our camp areas quickly filled up! The week of the 4th of July is always the last to fill.
  • What are you doing to improve drop-off and pick-up?
    We agree that drop-off and pick-up have room for improvement. Each year we evaluate the process and make improvements. They are usually incremental. The use of a staggered start and stop time has reduced the wait and we will continue to look for ways to improve. This fall and winter we researched the cost of having a shuttle or buying a bus to transport campers from other locations. Unfortunately, transportation solutions were extremely expensive. The only other solution we see is to look for a location where there would be more parking. This is the solution we are currently focused on implementing. Parents should expect one or more surveys as we consider the possibility of moving. We want to find out where you would travel and if you would consider donating to Willowbrook finding a forever home. While we remain at Brown’s Ferry Park we will do everything we can to make the drop-off and pick-up process better for campers and parents.
  • What are your bathroom and handwashing facilities like?
    Because we are in a large park, the bathrooms are portable toilets. We have hand washing stations by the bathrooms and throughout the camp to assure campers can keep their hands clean.
  • What security measures do you take?
    Willowbrook takes the utmost precautions in ensuring the safety of our campers, their families and our staff. Below are some of the many proactive steps we enact every year and every day of camp. Willowbrook operates in an exclusive-use area of Brown's Ferry Park surrounded by a chain link fence. All on-site staff members must successfully pass a background check on a national, federal, state, and county-wide level, conducted by third-party professional screening service. Trained security staff are present throughout the day, and several staff members are posted at the front gate during arrival and departure times. Visitors must check in and out at the Front Desk. Visitors are required to show photo ID and wear a badge while inside camp. Children who are not enrolled in Willowbrook should not visit unless accompanied by a visiting adult/guardian. At the end of the day, campers are escorted to designated areas within camp according to their ages and will be guided through our pick up procedures. Only authorized and verified persons are allowed to pick up campers.
  • Can you store/ administer medicine to my child?
    Yes. Willowbrook has a health services staff onsite who can administer prescription and over-the-counter medicines, first-aid, and other medical support to our campers. These staff are supported by our nurse on-call. Does your child take medication? If your child requires medication during the camp day, please bring it to the Nurse’s tent in a labeled container when you drop your child off. Medications will be kept locked and administered only by the Health Services staff as approved by the child’s parent/guardian. Note: Due to our free-choice structure, it is difficult for us to call individual campers to the Nurse’s station during the camp day. If your child will need medication during the day, please be sure they know what time to visit the Health Services each day and can do so without a reminder. If at any time they need assistance however, we encourage them to let any staff member know right away.
  • Do you accommodate campers with disabilities or special needs?
    Yes, we welcome campers with disabilities and special needs as long as we are able to meet their needs. In some cases, we may ask that an adult attendant accompany their child to help ensure a successful camp experience as not all staff are trained to accommodate all needs. For more information or questions, please contact us so we may know how best to assist you. If your camper needs a structured environment, then we are probably not the right fit for them. We strive to provide as much unstructured, free choice as possible.
  • What is your policy for extreme heat and wildfires?
    Being outdoors we plan to operate camp if we can safely do so. We have tents for shade and sprinklers for cooling on very hot days. In cases of extreme heat we consider both the hourly temperature and any excessive heat warnings to make a decision about holding camp. During wildfires we watch for the location, direction of the wind and any smoke exposure warnings to make decisions about holding camp. If it rains or is unseasonably cool we will hold camp and encourage you to dress your camper for the weather.
  • What should my child bring to camp?
    Lunch - Please send them to camp with a lunch, and please be sure they have eaten before arriving to camp. Food will not be provided. Campers will be required to sit 10 feet apart for meals. Snack - Please send your child to camp with a small snack. Morning snack time is scheduled for campers in the Village or Squirrel's Nest. Artisan campers may eat their snack whenever they prefer. All campers will be required to sit 10 feet away from other campers when they are eating our drinking. Water bottle - Please ensure your camper brings their labeled water bottle to camp every day. It is important that our campers stay hydrated. We have a few drinking fountains on site, but when each camper has their own water bottle, they are more likely to use them. It’s also eco-friendly! Camp-appropriate clothing - Attending camp in a park in Oregon, we know that the weather can be unpredictable and kids will get dirty. With that in mind, please be sure your child wears/brings clothing options that keep them warm, cool, and dry and are easy to wash. A change of clothes - Sometimes younger campers have accidents and need a change of clothes. All campers may get wet in the sprinklers or have clay, paint, other art materials, or even dirt on their clothes and want to have a fresh set of clothing.
  • What items should stay at home?
    Please DO NOT allow children to bring the following items to camp: knives, guns or any weapons toys, games, trading cards electronics Other valuable items If brought to camp, Willowbrook reserves the right to confiscate these items and return them to parents at pick-up time. Cell phones may be brought, but they must remain in camper’s backpacks and silenced at all times. Cell phones may be used during camp hours in case of emergency only. Willowbrook staff will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.
  • What performances are you doing this year?
    Please see our Performance Schedule for a full list of performances we are hosting this summer.
  • If my child wants to be in a performance, how long should they attend camp?"
    Artisan campers who want a speaking or other major role in a performance must attend for 2 weeks so they can audition and rehearse. Artisan auditions take place on Monday and Tuesday of the week before the performance. Artisan campers attending for only 1 week may also participate in plays, but usually do not have major roles. Artisans in Thursday night shows will rehearse in the mornings, while camper’s in Friday night shows will rehearse in the afternoons. When not rehearsing, camper’s have Free Choice time. The Village theater group also prefers a 2-week camp enrollment, but Villagers attending for only 1 week may also participate in shows.
  • What should my child do if they want to be in a performance?
    Squirrels Nest Campers: Simply inform the Squirrel’s Nest staff that your child would like to participate. Village Campers: The Village makes performance announcements at morning assemblies. Campers should come to the Village Drama tent (or Dance tent for the week 4 dance show) if they are interested in being in one of our shows. The staff will give your child a permission slip to take home. Please sign and return to the Drama or Dance staff. These help the staff determine which nights your child is available to participate. Villagers are welcome to be in one or both nights of our shows. Artisan Campers: Important information regarding shows will be announced at Artisan assemblies (both morning and afternoon). Your child should tell the Artisan Drama Specialists they are interested in being in a show. If your child wants to be in the dance show week 4, they should speak with the Artisan Dance Specialists.
  • What time should my child arrive and where should they go on performance night?
    Squirrels Nest Campers: Squirrel’s Nest performers will meet staff in the Squirrel’s Nest at 6:30pm. They will be given costumes that will go over their regular clothes. The Squirrel’s will perform at the beginning of the show (pre-show) and will sit with you when their part is finished. Village Campers: Villager performers will meet at the Fairy Tree between Village Drama and Dance between 6:00-6:15 pm. You may leave your child with the Willowbrook staff while you park your car and take the shuttle back to camp. Once their part is finished, your camper can sit with you to watch the rest of the show. Artisan Campers: Artisan performers should be at the costuming garage by 6pm for dress and make-up.
  • What should my child wear if they are in a performance?
    A base layer of black or dark brown is preferred. Willowbrook will provide additional costumes for all performances. These costumes are to be returned at the end of the performance. Dance Show: Performers should have a black leotard or a top and bottoms such as dance or volleyball shorts and thin socks to wear with dance shoes. Willowbrook will provide additional costumes (and shoes as needed). If your dancer wishes to bring their own dance shoes (labeled with their name), they may do so. Please have them wear comfortable and safe shoes to dance in - no flip flops please!
  • Where do I park for evening performances?
    Because parking is limited at Brown’s Ferry Park, free parking for Willowbrook’s Arts Camp's evening theater performances will be available at Rolling Hills Church (3550 SW Borland Rd, Tualatin, OR 97062). The designated parking lot is at the north end of the church campus right along Borland Road. Please click here for Evening Performance Parking details.
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