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Our Summer Staff

Our summer staff includes about 120 people each year. This is an amazing group of highly dedicated individuals who like to bring their art, nature, teaching, critical thinking, joy, and passion to this six-week job.  They are here because they care deeply about children’s ability to develop a sense of self and community through the exploration of art and nature.  They hope to give each camper the opportunity to explore art as a form of self-expression and introspection while building the memories of a lifetime.  This dedicated team includes Specialists, Area Leads, Assistants, Senior High School Apprentices, High School Apprentices, Community Support Specialists and Support staff such as Security, Nurses, Facilities, and Registration.

These staff are selected based on their knowledge of camp life, art, nature, education, and their area of expertise. They range in experience from this being their first job to having been with Willowbrook for over 20 years. Each area has a team of staff dedicated to helping campers experience a different discipline.  Staff who work in any area are excited to share their knowledge with campers.  They work together to assure each camper has the knowledge and resources they need to create art, inventions, and more.

Interested in being a part of the magic of Willowbrook? 

They both loved the willowbrook staff. The staff were enthusiastic, friendly and fun…perfect group of people for my kids to hang out with for 6 weeks. My kids liked being able to switch activities and being able to start a project and come back to it the next day.

-Willowbrook Parent

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