Squirrel's Nest

We are sad to share that we will not be able to include our youngest campers in 2021. COVID-19 safety guidelines do not allow us to safely include preschool aged children in our multi-aged camp environment. We look forward to welcoming our Squirrels back to camp in 2022. Their presence will be missed!


Ages 5 - 7

A mini version of our Artisan area, The Village is a magical place, filled with age appropriate arts and nature activities. - from dance and drama, to art, nature, music, pottery, puppetry, storytelling and more! Kids are encouraged to embrace their curiosity, explore new and fun interests, and discover their creative potential. Each child is assigned a ‘home tent’ and given ample free-choice time as well opportunities to participate in Willowbrook’s performances.

Ages 8 - 18


Picture the most imaginative and energetic arts festival… just for kids! Many of our campers can’t wait to become an Artisan, where their choices become even broader and more dynamic. The very open-structured environment of the Artisan area allows kids to take their self-discovery, interests, and skills to new levels. With more than 20 different artistic areas to explore, Artisan kids move freely throughout their day pursuing what interests them most, including opportunities to participate in Willowbrook’s performances.