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Waitlist Update for Village Campers.

The following shows how many campers are on the waitlist for each week. We will continue to update our enrollment as openings become available. We anticipate that openings will occur throughout the spring as families finalize their attendance and OHA (Oregon Health Authority) guidelines are updated.

Week 1: 47

Week 2: 25

Week 3: 84

Week 4: 40

Week 5: 45

Week 6: 43

All 6 Weeks: 25

Apr 8, 2021  – 

We are planning for camp June 28 - August 6. Due to the ongoing threat of COVID- 19 we are implementing mitigation measures to keep our campers safe.  While we are assuring that we share the information on the web and via email, we will modify plans based on any updates to OHA guidelines for reopening.

Feb 20, 2021  – 

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